“Pensions are a vital, tax-efficient tool we should all have to subsidise our drop in income at our inevitable retirement. The sooner we start, the greater the benefit."

Whether you are looking to take out a pension personally, a self-employed individual or a company, we will help you design a Pension scheme to suit your own particular needs.

Types of Pensions we offer:

  • Group Pensions

  • Personal/Executive Pensions

  • PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account)

Why do I need a Pension?
People who retire from work (typically between 60 and 65) are now expected to live for a further period of approximately 20 years on average, due to better lifestyle and healthcare. If your only income was to be the State Old Age Pension this could result in a significant drop in your standard of living. Therefore planning for retirement is essential if you wish to maintain the lifestyle you enjoyed during your working life.

What other benefits are there?
·    you get tax relief on any money put aside as a pension.
·    the government does not tax the investment return earned on your pension contributions.
·    a pension is designed to assist you in maintaining a decent standard of living following retirement.

Starting a pension plan is one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make. Security in your retirement is an issue to think about and plan for now. Saving regularly for retirement and starting as soon as possible is perhaps the best investment advice you will ever get.

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