What happened to my Pension savings when I moved Jobs?

If you or your partner were contributing to a Pension arrangement in a job that you have since left, then you may have Pension savings sitting paid up in your former Employer’s Pension scheme. Indeed the same may be the case if your employer was contributing to a Pension Plan on your behalf while you were working in that company.

When people change employment, many people do not think about personally taking control or moving the Pension fund that they had built up during the years working in this company. You are entitled to what is called “leaving service options” when you leave employment. These are a list of options of what you can do with your Pension Fund now that you are leaving.

In many cases one of the options is that you do not have to move the Pension savings and they can remain in this company Pension plan until you are at retirement age, at which stage you can drawdown your entitlements. But it is worth considering another option that you may be entitled to take. This option allows you to move your Pension savings from the company Pension plan to a Pension arrangement in your own name.

The main benefit to moving from a Company Pension arrangement into a Pension arrangement in your own name would be:

  • All Correspondence is sent directly to you as opposed to the trustee whom in many cases is your previous employer

  • You are in complete control over your Pension and do not require signoff from a third party (trustee) when you wish to move it or draw down your entitlements

  • It can be easier and quicker to get information on your Pension(s) which also makes it easier to keep tabs on exactly how many Pensions you have and where they are.

Some people like to put all their Pensions into one Pension plan. While it has its advantages, it is worth noting that in some cases it can be beneficial to keep some Pension plans separate. A big reason would be if at retirement, you have only one big Pension plan, you must take your full retirement options. If you have several Pension arrangements you can draw your retirement options down at different times if it is more convenient.