Questions on old Pensions left behind...perhaps even ones forgotten!

In this article I will run through some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to old paid up pensions. These are pensions that you may have had with a previous employer that you never moved or enquired about at the time you left employment.

How do I get information about my old Pension?

In most cases you should be receiving annual benefit statements with general details (including the value) of your Pension. If you are unsure where to look, the company’s human resource department (or Employee Pension department if there is one) is a good start.

Can I bring my pension with me when I move employment?

In most cases, when you leave employment, you have several options. Indeed you are entitled to request “leaving service options” which sets out exactly what you can do with your Pension. This can intimidate and confuse people but if it’s explained correctly I find people are more confident moving their Pension into their own name.

Will I lose out if I move out of the old Pension arrangement?

The only way of knowing is by enquiring about the benefits currently on the Pension plan, but in many cases you can actually benefit from moving your Pension funds into your own name.

If you do move a pension to your own name one of the biggest benefits is that you get direct access/information sent to you personally about you Pension. Some people like having complete control over their Pension and like not having to contact a Trustee (or old employer) anytime they want information regarding their Pension.

What can Drumgoole Financial Services Limited do for you?

Part of my job is to help people arrange their pensions together into an efficient/transparent portfolio. In simple terms this means you know exactly what you have and where you have it.

When many people move on from a job, they leave their Pension paid up (sitting idle) in their old Pension arrangement. I have had clients contact me who have had no correspondence in relation to their Pension for one reason or another.