Some Life Assurance Queries

If you are in doubt as to whether or not you should review/change your life cover, you should be aware that in practically all cases, you get no benefit from remaining in your existing cover for the entire term. Hopefully the next few questions will help clarify some of the regular queries I have been receiving.

Question: When I took out my Mortgage, the Mortgage Lender insisted that I take out something called a Mortgage Protection policy, what exactly is this?

 A Mortgage Protection Policy is a Life Assurance policy. This is the cheapest Form of Life Assurance available and starts from as little as €10 per month. The cover on this kind of policy decreases over time as the policy is designed simply to pay off the balance of your Mortgage if you should pass away at any time.

Question: Other than for a mortgage, why would I want any Life Assurance?

Life Assurance should be thought of like Car Insurance in that you are not taking the cover out so that you get a financial gain. You are taking out both types of cover to protect yourself (or your family) in the event that you need to make a claim on these policies. Ideally, you will never need to make a claim on either, unless something happens that requires you to do so.

Question: Is it easy to change my Life Assurance?

Yes, it is very easy and once your medical situation hasn’t changed since you originally took out your cover, you may make significant savings for the exact same cover. Indeed you may even be able to get added benefits on your Life assurance while also saving money at the same time.