Life Assurance Q & A

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions when people are concerned about getting new or replacement Life cover.

A big concern of many people when they are considering changing their life cover is whether or not they lose out by cancelling a Life Assurance policy that they have had for years. The first thing to understand is that once you have completed a Life Assurance form as honestly (medical questions) as possible and once the first premium has been paid, you are instantly covered. That includes even if there is a life assurance claim after only a day of having the cover.

The main benefit to holding onto a Life Assurance policy that you have had for years would really only be if your medical status has deteriorated from when you took it out.

The leading question after this can be is it worth applying for Life cover if there are medical conditions personally or in your family that may affect a Life cover application? Some people do not even make an application for Life cover for fear of getting some sort of medical penalty.

There is little to be lost by applying for the cover, whether you are penalised or not. You do not have to proceed with the cover if you are not happy with the extra cost and it may be a penalty that might only be valid for specified time, which would at least give you an indication of when you will be able to get cover without the penalty.

There are different options for people who have medical conditions that may limit their access to Life cover. There is a Life Assurance company that only offer Life cover to people who have been declined Life cover completely. There is also Life cover for people over the age of 50, who are guaranteed Life cover, without being required to supply ANY medical evidence. It can be quite stressful being declined Life cover, but it is comforting to know that there are alternatives.

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