Did you also know....?

Did you know... you can get Whole of Life cover which offers you several options once you have paid into it for 16 years. Following this time, every year thereafter you will have an option to continue paying or encash the policy (receiving up to 70% of your premiums back) or stop paying for the cover and you will maintain a specified amount of Life cover forever.

Did you know... Aviva Best Doctors is a second medical opinion for any chronic or troubling ailments affecting quality of life. Your partner, your children and your parents are automatically included on this benefit. The list of best doctors around the world may clarify that you are getting the best care/treatment or they may recommend an alternative (or newer) treatment. For example, sports injuries, skin diseases, cancer, blood diseases to name just a few. This feature is available at no additional cost and Aviva will match the lowest market price available for the cover.

Did you know... a Financial Broker has access to the best prices and special offers that are not always available through individual financial institutions and in most cases can save you money on a policy. A broker is not tied to one provider so can compare companies to find the best deal and price.

Did you know... some people may be hesitant to apply for life assurance for personal health reasons. I recently helped a 63-year-old client to obtain life assurance cover even after she went through an aggressive form of breast cancer 7 years ago. Even if she had been declined in this application, since she was under 80 years of age, there is an over-50’s life policy available to apply for irrespective of your health.

Did you know... that some people are able to drawdown all their pension funds into their hands as cash. This can be dependent on the type of pension you hold and the amount in that pension.

Did you know… that tax refund/relief is available for people who take out salary protection which pays them an income if they cannot work due to illness or injury. This tax relief is like a pension contribution and is at your standard rate of income tax (20% or 40%). So, if you were paying €50 per month, you would receive tax relief/refund of €10-€20 per month.

Did you know… that a lot of self employed people take out salary protection, life cover and make pension contributions where the company pays the premium.